Aaron Agne | Coaching and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy and Coaching   Individuals & Couples


I am a psychotherapist and professional co-active coach for individuals and couples. In my time with you, our intention is to explore and transform the thoughts and feelings that restrict your life and compromise your personal growth, goal achievement, and satisfaction in relationships. By attending to any frustration, anxiety, or discouragement that may be getting in your way, we start you on a path towards greater ease, more joy, and an increased sense of fulfillment. Whether you are coming as a couple or an individual, we identify ways to develop relationships that help you thrive in the midst of personal and interpersonal challenges.

Working together towards change, we create a process that is a fusion of the different approaches I use in my work, tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. With increased awareness and a newfound sense of possibility, life is engaged with more playfulness and fluidity. With clarity and self-confidence, something new becomes possible.

Would you like to know more? Whether you are ready to start or are simply gathering information, I'm happy to answer any questions you have about me or the coaching/therapy process and welcome your call or email.

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