Aaron Agne | Coaching and Psychotherapy



My therapeutic approach is attentive to the here-and-now and not driven by formulaic questioning, rigid theoretical frameworks, or diagnostic evaluation. The foundation is a co-created and fluid therapeutic process in which new ways of thinking and being are explored and ultimately integrated into daily life.

I find that change comes through the development of a safe and reflective space in which we uncover the roles, patterns, and identities that constrict us and contribute to difficult emotions. We are able to move through these feelings and free ourselves from such limitations by consciously utilizing our potential to create something new.

Since we all journey through life in the company of others (whether they be partners, family, friends, or co-workers), exploration of relationships becomes central to the therapeutic process. With a better understanding of how these relationships impact our emotional well-being, we can revitalize our lives by engaging those around us in new ways.

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