Aaron Agne | Coaching and Psychotherapy



What is coaching?

Put simply, a coach provides you with support as you make changes in your life. Coaching facilitates a process of discovery, awareness, choice, and action. It starts with an exploration of your present circumstances and then designs a bridge to the desired future. Through a co-created coaching partnership, new visions, fresh approaches, and underutilized strengths surface. 

What type of issues can be addressed?

People participate in coaching because they want things to be different with their career, relationships, community, family, health, or any other aspect of their personal or professional lives. 

Do you need a coach?

Life and change happen, with our without a coach. A coach, however, may help you create change in more thoughtful, creative, efficient, and proactive ways. Coaching can be particularly helpful in certain situations. For example:

  • You are feeling stuck in your life, unfulfilled or unhappy, but unsure how to change this.
  • You are clear about changes you want to make but not how to make them.
  • You've been unsuccessful in your attempts to make changes you desire.
  • You continue to make changes but they don't seem to be addressing underlying issues that are compromising your happiness.
  • You feel conflicted because of the possible implications of making a change you desire.

What is unique about my coaching?

With training in the co-active model of coaching (through the Coaches Trainining Institute) and my experience as a therapist, I bring a holistic perspective of you and of change. I focus on you as a person and not just the specific coaching issue you have identified. I also bring an appreciation for the range of factors, internal and external, that can compromise an individual's attempts to achieve change. For me, successful coaching involves attending not just to what you are doing in life but also to how you are being in life.

How does it happen?

In addition to offering in-person coaching at my office in New York's Greenwich Village, I am available to coach remotely via telephone or video calling programs such as Skype or FaceTime to anyone around the country. The coaching relationship starts with a free sample session in which I provide coaching around an issue you identify. You then have an opportunity to assess whether coaching is helpful and whether coaching with me is a good fit. 

Can you afford coaching?

Coaching is an investment in your own well-being. It is an opportunity to create a life with more happiness and a greater sense of fulfillment. I encourage you to consider the value of this when assessing whether you can afford it. Coaches have a wide range of fees, often with a discount for a longer-term commitment. If my usual fee scale is not feasible for you, I will consider a reduction based on your individual circumstances.